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The New Mexico State Police are investigating the deaths of two men who were fatally shot and killed last week in a crashed vehicle on the side of Interstate 40 near Carlisle.

Dusty Francisco, a spokesman for state police, said the case is at a “very preparatory stage” and the two bodies have been sent to the medical investigator’s office for identification. No arrests were made.

“This case is being investigated by the (State Police) Investigation Bureau,” he said.

It is unclear why the state police did not alert the public or the media to the possible double homicide.

Albuquerque police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said the department was never informed of the incident by state police.

“Our investigators only found out about the recent shootings at a routine meeting with the prosecutor yesterday,” he said on Friday. Francisco denied this on the grounds that APD had previously offered to participate in the investigation.

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Although the incident is not being investigated by Albuquerque police, the total number of murders in the city this year comes to 48.

Francisco said on May 7 that an officer was stopped at around 2 a.m. at Carlisle and I-40, which are in the area of ​​the State Police headquarters. The officer was told that a vehicle had rolled into a flue on the ramp off I-40. He said police found two men who died from gunshot wounds in the vehicle.

Francisco did not provide any further details, saying that anyone with information will be asked to contact authorities.

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