2 retailers in Albuquerque are going cashless

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Some well-known companies refuse to accept cash because they are tired of being robbed. After being robbed over and over again over the past few months, Subway and Family Dollar on Montano Road and Taylor Ranch Road are both hoping that cashlessness will keep thieves away and protect their workers.

Jocelyn Saul, 16, and her colleagues know the horror of being held at gunpoint only too well. Because of this, the subway they work for stopped accepting cash last month.

“Basically the guys just walked through the door and then stopped at the counter. My first experience was when I went to him, asked him if he wanted something, and he nodded. I reached for something and the next thing I knew he had drawn a gun, ”Saul said.

According to staff, the robbers were different every time. Management made some changes to curb the robberies, but the crooks kept coming back.

“After the first, we closed earlier on the weekends and then after all they basically just implemented more guidelines. We stopped taking cash after seven and then we got robbed again, so we stopped taking cash at all and then we got robbed again but they only took tips, “said Subway operator Sam Bigger.

After the fast food restaurant stopped accepting cash, the Family Dollar was posted in the same mall. Now this shop is also cashless.

“I came in after work one evening to get some things and went to pay cash and the girl said we don’t take cash. I said you don’t take cash and I thought that was weird, you know, ”said Theodore Wilson, Family Dollar shopper.

Staff say the response from customers who choose to pay cash has been mixed.

“People hate when people come in and they’re really upset about it and I think it might just be because they don’t really understand what is happening because they get to the checkout a lot and we will be like that, ‘I do sorry we don’t take cash and then they say ‘oh why is that?’ and then you explain what happens, and then all of their behavior changes, said Bigger.

Employees say they feel a lot more secure now. It is not known how long the companies will maintain the cashless policy. KRQE News 13 reached out to Albuquerque Police Department to see if there were any suspects in the subway and Family Dollar raids but received no response.

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