65-year-old man accused of bodily fight with youngsters in Albuquerque

KOB 4 spoke to several neighbors who said they heard a commotion but saw nothing other than someone who was arrested.

Wayne Layton was in court on Friday. He remains behind bars pending a hearing with a district judge.

The state is asking for pre-trial detention.

According to court records, Layton approached a group of children fighting the game and tried to stop them.

According to the criminal complaint, he and his wife made statements about “white power” and the children shouted “Black Lives Matter” back.

Court documents claim things got physical when the children insulted Layton’s wife.

Apparently the fight was being recorded.

An officer saw a video of Layton approaching one of the children, who sat down, grabbed his neck, and forced him to the ground.

According to police, “two children were rushed to hospital for fighting because Layton hit or hit them in the chest with an elbow”.

The complaint does not identify the age of the children.

KOB 4 knocked on Layton’s door Friday to find out more about what happened. Nobody answered.

Layton is charged with battery, child abuse, and assault, among other charges

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