A narrative of law enforcement officials shot lifeless in Albuquerque

“For this to happen the day after, this is just a reminder of how the mayor said our officials risk their lives every day to protect the community,” said Medina. “And we have to remember and we have to support our officials at this point.

Hyde was diagnosed with schizophrenia and treated successfully for years. The shooting happened after his medication was changed. Hyde has yet to be found capable of standing trial. He has been in a state psychiatric clinic for years.

There’s also Bernalillo County MP James McGrane Jr., who was shot dead in 2006 by wanted murder suspect Michael Astorga. Astorga is serving a life sentence.

In 2013, Christopher Chase shot dead three APD officers and a deputy BCSO. The officers survived. Chase was killed after stealing a police cruiser and senior officers in a 15 miles chase.

Then there was Daniel Webster, an APD officer who was killed in a traffic stop in October 2015. He left a wife and three children. The man who killed him, Davon Lymon, is now serving a life sentence.

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