A New Mexico girl says she obtained an unemployment debit card and by no means utilized for advantages

“I got my mail on Friday and opened an envelope from the state of New Mexico. There was a letter in it and a debit card in it,” said Deborah Heath.

Heath didn’t know what it was because she didn’t ask for it.

“So I called her,” she said.

It turned out to be a fraudulent unemployment benefit claim, which DWS says is not unique to New Mexico.

Heath, a doctor, said she never asked the state for financial help.

“I don’t qualify for unemployment, and I’ve never applied for unemployment,” she said. I don’t need the money and I don’t make it. “

KOB 4 reached out to DWS, and a spokesman said they were aware of several other fraud cases. The debit cards are blocked with zero balance and are currently being investigated.

DWS asks you to do a few things if you accidentally receive a debit card in the mail:

  • Report the fraudulent claim by contacting NMDWS. Include the applicant’s ID number, if available.

  • DO NOT activate the debit card that was sent to you.

  • DO NOT contact Wells Fargo

  • Submit a police report as a safeguard

Heath said she was surprised to hear people had been advised to contact the police about the matter.

“That may sound harsh, but I think this is your problem to be solved, not mine,” she said.

“It is a little disturbing to me that their response to me is to get law enforcement. The main problem is with them and I think that is where they need to get their attention,” she added.

Heads of State have said that these problems will not be fixed overnight. DWS is currently in a transition phase as it is still looking for new managers.

A KOB 4 reporter tried to reach Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham during a media event in Albuquerque on Monday, but her press secretary said she was unavailable.

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