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The city launched the One Albuquerque Housing Fund campaign on Friday to raise funds for vouchers for homeless housing. From left: Dorothy Otero, Housing Director for Heading Home; Lisa Huval, deputy director of housing and homelessness for the city; Mayor Tim Keller; and Brenda Begley, vice president of Albuquerque sales for Clear Channel Outdoors. (Rick Nathanson, Albuquerque Journal)

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Mayor Tim Keller launched the One Albuquerque Housing Fund campaign on Friday.

The city will partner with Clear Channel Outdoors, which will donate space on seven billboards across the subway area and urge people to fund a fund specifically to provide vouchers for the homeless and families.

Brenda Begley, Albuquerque vice president of sales for Clear Channel Outdoors, said the seven billboards will consist of one 14-by-48-foot and six smaller ones measuring 12-by-24-feet. The billboards will be placed in rotating locations for the next year. The news is expected to hit around 850,000 impressions per week, she said.

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The new campaign replaces the previous government’s “There’s a Better Way” campaign and blue signs around town encouraging motorists to donate to a general fund for homeless services rather than giving money to those affected. This United Way-managed campaign raised less than $ 30,000 from 2015-2018 through the DonateABQ online portal advertised on the signs.

Keller said he was confident the new campaign will generate more money as it specifically focuses on a fund to provide home vouchers. The blue signs will eventually be replaced with signs promoting the One Albuquerque Housing Fund campaign, he said.

Keller recently announced additional measures to tackle homelessness, including the possible construction of a centrally located 24-hour emergency shelter with supportive medical, mental and social services. and until then, keep the West Side Winter Shelter open year round.

“We believe we can get hundreds of people off our streets with vouchers that are part of a ‘Housing First’ model that says we can provide the kind of support service when you stabilize a person, when you give them one Offer meaningful protection to get them going, ”said the mayor.

The One Albuquerque Housing Fund is managed by Heading Home and HopeWorks (formerly St. Martin’s), who already have contracts with the city to provide housing and other services to the homeless.

When people accept vouchers, they also need to accept case management and support services, which are essential in making the transition from street to vouchers for permanent housing, usually through Section 8 or public housing, said Dorothy Otero, housing director for Heading Home Supplies for years Homeless with living space.

According to Lisa Huval, assistant director of housing and homelessness at the city’s Department of Family and Community Services, “more than 90 percent of people who receive a voucher with some support services will stay in.” Also, housing the homeless is cheaper than housing leaving them on the streets where they consume public resources, she said.

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