Afghan refugee helps others with relocation in Albuquerque

Munir arrived in Albuquerque in 2017 and said the challenges he faced in Kabul were identical to those many there still face today amid a Taliban takeover, a group that threatened him and his family.

“They will threaten you and if they find you they will kill you,” Munir said. it was difficult for me and my family because I had very young children. ‘”

Born in Afghanistan, Munir was an interpreter and worked for years in the US Army and Air Force.

He moved to America with his family as part of the Special Immigrant Visa Program in Kabul, he taught at a university, but his working life began differently in the USA

“My first job was at Walmart, I was a cashier for two years,” said Munir.

He recently got a job with the program that helped him settle in America – Lutheran Family Services, which works with government agencies and is currently assisting Afghan refugees with relocation.

Munir helps refugee children to start school, he knows how stressful this time is for these Afghan families.

“It is hoped that they will finally come and feel comfortable here. I am very excited to be serving again for my family, my community and the United States,” said Munir.

Munir said he hoped these refugees find the peace he, his wife, and their four children found in New Mexico.

“Now we are happy here, we have a large Afghan community in Albuquerque. They always ask if you need anything,” he said.

Munir said he still had family in Afghanistan and was concerned about their safety, but Albuquerque was home and he said he would do anything to help people here in our state start new lives.

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