After 18 months, New Mexico Ballet Co. returns with “The Nutcracker”

“It’s an absolute Christmas tradition that everyone is looking forward to,” said dancer Stephanie Karr.

Karr has been dancing for more than 20 years, but the music of The Nutcracker makes her feel like a little girl again. She’s not the only one feeling this way – Isadora Lyola and Jose Sebastian are guest artists at the American Ballet Theater in New York City and will appear alongside New Mexican dancers in act two.

“It’s nutcracker season and that’s how we start the winter season, so I’m just looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit and going and it’s a classic,” said Sebastian.

Lyola and Sebastian have been dancing in New York for over 10 years, but they say it’s always refreshing to perform with smaller ensembles.

“I feel like it’s important to get in touch with people and when you come to a smaller town, especially after COVID, you can actually have time to get in touch with people and children, which I consider important hold, ”said Lyola.

If you can’t get a seat this weekend, don’t worry, you have another chance next weekend.

For more information on tickets and other performance times, click here.

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