Air journey is making a comeback in Albuquerque Sunport

“I actually flew before and during the pandemic and everything is great,” he said. “You’re still fast and just have to wear the masks all the time, but it’s not a big deal.”

During a press conference Tuesday morning, Mayor Tim Keller and Sunport Director Nyika Allen said the Sunport is making a comeback.

“Sunport is certainly still feeling the effects of the pandemic, but we continue to be encouraged by the increase in passenger numbers and flight availability,” Allen said.

The Sunport currently has an average of 7,300 passengers per day and travel is up 1000% from the peak of the pandemic last year.

“It’s hard to believe that these escalators were literally empty just a few months ago, so it’s great to see people getting out and in,” said the mayor.

To ensure the safety of returning passengers, the Sunport uses five cleaning robots every night to disinfect the terminals.

“There are a lot of protective measures for people,” said Allen. “In any case, distancing is still important and even if our numbers come back you can still find your own place in the terminal.”

Several airport shops and restaurants have also reopened, offering sign-up bonuses for new employees due to a labor shortage.

“So if you’re looking for a job, consider one here at Sunport,” added Allen.

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