Albuquerque 2021 homicides can be reclassified

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Brenda Gonzales-Means, a native of Moriarty and FIT NHB trained, will finally be back in action in a major event boxing match in Iowa on Saturday. Means hasn’t been in a professional fight in three years so she’s excited to let go of her hands. “You know, I’ve been itching for a while, but I started working and exercising at school. I trained basketball and then softball, and then got hired as the girls’ head coach for wrestling. So, just life happened and time goes by, but I started training after the wrestling season was over and I felt like I still had some fire in me, “Gonzales-Means said.

Brenda holds a four- and two-time professional boxing record and her last MMA fight was a win, but Brenda has her hands full with up and coming young Summer Lynn, who stands 5-0 as a professional. “My opponent is, I think, 20 or 21 years old, so she is an aspiring woman. I know she will put the pressure on. I feel like my camp went well, I had a lot of my teammates.” , Sharahya Moreu came in and trained with me. Hopefully my experience will come into play and I can catch up with a good one, “said Brenda.

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