Albuquerque Amazon plans to increase to Sunport

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Amazon is looking to expand again on the Albuquerque Metro. While the huge fulfillment center on the west side is preparing for full opening and the setting is almost complete, they are also planning to build an air freight facility at the Albuquerque International Sunport. The area southwest of the main terminal already hosts freight and shipping operations for FedEx, but if a lease is approved, Amazon could be its new neighbor.

“It’s really exciting for the city of Albuquerque,” said Cynthia Borrego, city council president. “I think it’s something New Mexico needs now to position itself regionally as a player in a different market.”

The city council intends to consider a lease between the city and Amazon for five acres of land at Sunport to build and operate a 31,000 square foot air cargo facility. Council President Borrego says the air freight operations would work hand in hand with the Westside Warehouse. What fascinates Amazon about Albuquerque? Borrego has her theories.

“I think Albuquerque is in a prime location right now. Part of that is the weather, ”said Borrego. “We have great weather out here, so landing in Albuquerque doesn’t cause any problems like in the east.”

According to the city, the underground workforce will also play a major role in further expansion. They hope this in turn would create many of the high paying jobs that are needed in the field.

“We have a lot of skilled workers in Albuquerque and I think these are the things they are looking for,” said Borrego. “Albuquerque is a growing metropolis.”

The facility would go to an area southwest of the main terminal that already has cargo operations for other companies while expanding into currently undeveloped land. Borrego hopes Amazon will also consider adding freight operations near the fulfillment center in the west in the future.

“We also have Double Eagle,” said Borrego, noting that she recently conducted a study on the economic development of the Double Eagle that could be used by Amazon. “I’m sure that would be another amenity because the airport also manages Double Eagle Airport.”

In a long line of large companies moving to the subway like Netflix and NBC Universal, the city believes this is also a big reason Amazon followed suit. There is currently no schedule or total cost for the planned air cargo facility.

The city says it recently received around $ 6.6 million in federal funding to expand the airport’s cargo apron, which would be needed for Amazon to move in. According to the rental proposal, the total cost would be more than $ 11 million, but the city would not be responsible for the facility itself. City councils are expected to consider the lease at the next meeting on November 3rd.

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