Albuquerque break up at New Years Eve celebrations: social gathering within the bar or keep?

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Amid a recent surge in COVID cases, people are choosing to stay home on New Years Eve to avoid large gatherings. Even so, companies like Canvas Artistry on First St. and Central Ave. still on a busy night ahead.

Canvas Artistry expects more than 100 people to attend tonight’s celebrations. KRQE News 13 asked what kind of COVID security measures they will be taking. Adrian Baca, a partner at Canvas Artistry, said, “We have machines with a disinfectant solution in place. We also have an HVAC system that actually purifies the air as it is ventilated through the building. “

They say that despite the extension of the mask mandate until January, masks will be optional for guests.

Canvas isn’t the only company expecting a lot. News 13 tried reaching out to other restaurants including Tucanos, El Pinto and the Monte Carlo, all of which said they were busy on Friday.

Some people said they would rather stay home. “I mean, when you’ve reached a certain age, it’s not the right thing to go to a bar, just hang out with good friends and family,” said Faith and Jeff Desanto, who came to Albuquerque to meet friends visit.

The recent surge in Covid cases is also causing some to change their plans. Celina Cox, who is partying with in-laws tonight, said her plans had to change because of the virus. “We just moved here, we wanted to have a big housewarming combo party and then it didn’t happen that everyone canceled.”

The dance started at 9pm on the canvas and they have sold 100+ tickets and expect more people to show up during the night.

The state did not announce an updated COVID case number on Friday due to the holiday.

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