Albuquerque Celebrates Nationwide Day of Prayer, Albuquerque Journal

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Religious, civic and business leaders urged the nation to seek solutions by faith on Thursday as hundreds gathered in Civic Plaza to celebrate National Day of Prayer.

Several speakers called for strength and support for citizens, law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the armed forces.

“Please look over our country as we try to live the vision of our founders, a vision forged hundreds of years ago by those who are not afraid to give everything so that we know the freedoms that few are known in our fragile world, “said Archbishop of Santa Fe John C. Wester said.

“See us here today as a symbol of all your people who yearn to live in lasting peace one day,” said Wester.

The hundreds of thousands Albuquerque event was one of an estimated 30,000 such events across the country held every first Thursday in May.

Rev. Danny Sanchez, pastor of Victory Outreach Church in Albuquerque, reminded people that too many New Mexicans are lost to drug addiction, crime, and prison.

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“When we pray today we should be aware of those who are addicted,” said Sanchez. “Addiction is a plague in our nation. As we pray let’s keep this in focus so God can save the criminal, save the addict, save the lost. “

Rev. Skip Heitzig, founder and senior pastor of Golgotha, Albuquerque, said President Lincoln approved a day of prayer for the first time during the darkest days of the Civil War.

“He felt that Americans were too proud to pray to the God who made our nation,” said Heitzig. “We didn’t get our nation from the government, but from God.”

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