Albuquerque enjoys the primary day with 90 diploma temperatures

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – With Saturday’s hot weather, people flocked to popular Albuquerque spots like the river and pools. People told News 13 that the higher temperatures are welcome and they hope to see more weather like this throughout the summer.

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It is the first day with 90 degree temperatures this year. “That’s why I’m melting,” laughed Elena Marin.

The temperature in Albuquerque rose from 80 to 93 within a few hours on Saturday. The people in town did their best to stay cool. “We’re just trying to stay in the shadows,” said Marin. “It’s a wonderful day. The fight is worth it. ”

In downtown Rio Grande Park, people grabbed slushies from an ice cream van and fanned them. “We’ve all been so locked up lately,” said Marin. “We do everything, ice, water … out of the house.”

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Others drove to the Rio Grande and brought cool boxes of ice. Many took advantage of the higher water level. “We’re swimming out here on the river,” said Lane Glover. “We charge the kayaks and paddleboards and enjoy the sun, water and heat.”

At city pools, people swam laps and stayed hydrated. “We’re just trying to cool off,” said Trisha Elias.

Some rain on Saturday afternoon helped lower temperatures. “The weather before was super hot, so we were expecting extra sunshine, but when we got here it was cool,” said Elias.

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People said they were ready for more hot summer days. “We are all waiting for warmer weather to enjoy some of the waivers, so this is a welcome change,” said Marin.

People told News 13 that timing is good for COVID restrictions to be relaxed as the weather warms, allowing for higher capacity limits, large gatherings, and more events. The heat is expected to intensify further over the next week, with most days reaching the 90s.

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