Albuquerque Excessive Faculty Instructor Honored with Prestigious Award

Vasquez is entering her 31st year of apprenticeship, but her investment in school precedes her time as a teacher. She coached the dance team for 22 years and dreamed of becoming a teacher while playing in APS playgrounds.

“I remember playing in school and always being a teacher,” remembers Vasquez. “I think the most amazing thing about wanting to be a teacher was the great teachers I had growing up.”

Although Vasquez won the award, there are others she would like to share the award with.

“I mainly want to share it with my Albuquerque high community and with my students,” said Vasquez. “Especially those who taught me so much how to be a teacher.”

As a special education teacher, Vasquez has faced her own challenges. However, this helped her prepare for a number of unexpected changes over the past year.

“I’ve seen my kids not log into class or attend regularly,” said Vasquez. “Or many of them had to find jobs to support their families.”

Vasquez continued to overcome the challenges that inspired her words of wisdom after 30 years.

“My message to other teachers would be to hold on. I know the fight is real,” said Vasquez. “And to the kids, never, never, never give up.”

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