Albuquerque Housing Fund marketing campaign with hundreds of {dollars}

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Thousands of dollars will soon be helping the homeless off the streets and into homes in Albuquerque, all thanks to donations from the community. From billboards to street signs and t-shirt sales, the city has upped the ante when it comes to raising money for the One Albuquerque Housing Fund.

“We know there are many people in our community who are concerned with homelessness and want to be part of the solution,” said Lisa Huval, assistant director of housing and homelessness for the Department of Family and Community Services. “Some of these people contribute to nonprofits that they really care about and others weren’t sure how to help.”

In the months since the campaign began – which aims to pay for homeless people’s vouchers – billboards line the streets of Albuquerque urging locals to band together and donate. The city says the donations are in line with expectations and that number is growing.

“The housing fund is doing well. So far we have about $ 16,000 in the housing fund, ”said Huval. “These are all contributions from members of our community.”

When it comes to keeping the fund sustainable, the city is always looking for ideas to keep the money flowing.

“As a city, we were looking for ways to raise funds for the One Albuquerque Housing Fund,” said Huval. “Whatever we bring up, we can get into the church very quickly to help people get into apartments.”

Since this is coming in through merchandise sales and online donations for the time being, they plan to budget the proceeds to use them. The city says it is a step towards solving the homeless problem in Albuquerque.

“We know that people are homeless because they have no place to live,” said Huval. “If we as a city and municipality really want to influence the problem, then everything revolves around housing. We need to find out how we can help people find safe shelter that they can afford. “

The city says it has just removed its first check from the fund to give to a local nonprofit. This money helps with the upfront housing costs such as deposits and the first / last month’s rent.

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