Albuquerque Metropolis Closes 2 Spa Inns

The hotels are financed with federal funds. So far, the city has spent $ 2.8 million on it.

However, the hotels that serve single adults will close in late June.

“We have worked hard to ensure that anyone who is currently staying at the spa motels or hotels has the opportunity to get vaccinated,” said Huval.

The city also offers other services, including moving out of homelessness plans.

Huval said the city has moved 44 households to safe accommodations since the hotels opened.

“I think part of what we saw from our community when the wellness motel opened was a central location, this was more accessible for families and also something they were more comfortable with because they had some privacy because they had their own room, “said Huval.

The wellness hotels for families will remain open for the time being.

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