Albuquerque Metropolis Councilor, Mayor at odds over free bus fares

Davis said the debate is not new.

“Two years ago they said we want to do this for people who need it,” said Davis. “We passed a law that said do it.”

In May, the city council donated $ 3 million from federal funds to finally make free fares a reality.

In July, Keller said the city would test the free bus fare for everyone.

However, the city’s tourist office is postponing free fares until August.

“We didn’t hear from the mayor’s office. They didn’t send us any suggestions,” said Davis. “You haven’t worked with any of the sponsors of the legislation.

“We had these meetings, the mayor supported that, we passed the law, we gave them the money, and I think that’s why people in the community are frustrated,” Davis added.

KOB 4 turned to the mayor’s office to comment on the bus tariffs. A spokesman said they were working with the city council on the issue.

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