Albuquerque mother and father catch suspected youngster robbers

The Coronado Center food court became the site of a New Year’s stakeout as a father waited to confront the man who was trying to have sex with his underage daughter.

The Albuquerque Police Department makes everything clear in the criminal complaint. A local started searching his 12-year-old daughter’s phone. He reportedly found that explicit text messages and nude pictures were exchanged between his child and a contact saved as “B”.

Police say “B” was later identified as David Munoz – the texts allegedly showed the two planned to meet after school on January 5th to have sex.

The child’s parents reportedly texted Munoz – pretending to be them and making an appointment to meet at the Coronado Center’s food court

On Saturday, the parents took their daughter to the food court and waited at another table.

Police say Munoz arrived – spoke to the girl and then tried to leave the mall with her. Her parents intervened – arrested Munoz – and called 911.

However, investigators say this is not the first time Munoz has been caught trying to have sex with a minor. In 2014, Munoz faced two charges of criminal sexual contact by a minor and one charge of criminal sexual penetration before a grand jury – but those charges were dropped because both alleged victims refused to testify.

Munoz is currently in the Bernalillo County Jail – he is due in court on Monday, when everyone knows if the prosecutor will move on pre-trial detention.

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