Albuquerque needs to crack down on the plastic bag ban

He speaks of the thicker bags that multiple chains have used. They are 2 1/2 mils thick (one mil is one-thousandth of an inch), just thick enough to still be approved.

As of December 1, the city will raise this limit to 4 mils – in hopes of forcing more people to use reusable bags.

“We love recycling and it’s talked about all the time, but our main goal for the coming year is to reuse and reduce,” said Whelan.

Recycling experts said that getting rid of these plastic bags completely is really the only option. Yes, these bags can be recycled, but it’s not an easy process. But these bags often clog machines and make recycling difficult.

“So they screw up the machinery, so you have to close things, clear out the bags and then be able to use them again. So it actually costs a lot of money to put these bags, these confusioners, in the recycling process, ”said Sarah Pierpont of the New Mexico Recycling Coalition.

But what about paper bags? Some grocery chains, like Albertson’s, are switching to brown bags to get around the city’s ban. Experts said they were better for the environment, but still not a perfect solution.

“It still uses natural resources, you know, we cut trees, we make paper, the difference is that paper is easily recycled in Albuquerque’s recycling program. So paper is better than plastic overall, but the gold standard is to make your own Reusable bags can be used several times. ” , several times, “said Pierpont.

Walmart said it will follow local regulations but did not explain what it would be like once this new rule goes into effect. KOB 4 has not heard from Smith.

The bottom line – people better start stocking up on some reusable bags. The city said that cloth or really thick plastic are really your best choices as there may be no other options at checkout.

The new rules start on December 1st. Food companies and dry cleaners are still allowed to use single-use plastic bags.

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