Albuquerque Police are on the lookout for a suspect who eliminated the GPS ankle monitor

According to court documents – in one case of stolen vehicles in 2019 – Neal had violated detention conditions several times before he was accepted into a house arrest program called the Community Custody Program (CCP).

He was accepted into the program on August 10, and on August 27, officers were notified that he had removed the monitor.

Procuratorate officials said that once he was picked up, they would “go into custody and not have the CCP as an option.” A spokesman said Neal now has a new case of fleeing the CCP and misappropriating the GPS monitor. After the warrant is served, this case is moving forward and a preliminary hearing is likely to take place within 10 days.

KOB 4 reported on Neal earlier this year after police found eight stolen weapons in a stolen vehicle.

The last warrant for his arrest was signed on Monday.

APD published the following statement in response:

“This is another example of an offender committing property offenses in possession of firearms. More worryingly, Mr. Neal has cut off his ankle monitor and he’s on the run. We must hold perpetrators who use guns accountable before they shoot or kill anyone while they are committing a crime. “

Mayor Keller and Chief Medina support the recommendations of the Metro Crime Initiative, which:

  • Add a pre-trial presumption of dangerous if a perpetrator is using, wielding, or in possession of a firearm during a violence, drug, or property crime.
  • Increase the minimum sentence to be served under the Corrective Action Statute if a weapon is used to commit a crime.

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