Albuquerque Police arrest man for armed theft

Legislature plans to use more than $ 1 trillion in the remaining federal stimulus money. Five lawyers have just tabled this bill, which is up for discussion this afternoon. Includes more than $ 100 million in broadband across the country. Plus $ 10 million in affordable housing that helps local food banks and bagabonds. What could be most important to the taxpayer: More than $ 142 million to design and build major highway projects. Including some who were delayed due to a lack of money. To help our state hospitals, about $ 15 million of this bill could cover our lack of care by allowing state programs to increase enrollments. We will speak to the sponsors of the bill and have further discussions in the committee. This bill includes approximately $ 460 million to fund the US rescue plan. The lawyers say they will discuss how to spend the rest of the day during the regular session that starts in mid-January.

Voters from two districts of Albuquerque will elect new councilors today in the seventh district, which includes Heights and Uptown. The voters choose between the Republican Lori Robertson and the Democrat Tammy Fiebelkorn. In the southeast of Albuquerque District 9, the Democrat Rob Grilley meets the Republican Renee Grout. The centers will be open from seven to seven. We always have more details and resources of choice on our website.

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