Albuquerque ‘Spaceship’ Home for Sale

“I would think people are fascinated by something new. Something created by someone you’ve never seen – and when I built it again, I didn’t even know what I was creating, ”said Griego.

When Griego moved in he started painting the house, but it wasn’t good enough. At this point, he began putting together a spaceship wall and fireplace. Over the years, things started to come together. The entire creation is his own except for the murals.

“When you’re creative in yourself, you have no rules, you have no guidelines,” he said. “All you have is what do you want me to do and while you’re doing it suddenly it’s like wow! I like that, it’s really cool.

The house is full of intricate details, from the 3D murals to the glasswork to the space-inspired kitchen. The backyard is also full of surprises.

“It’s cool, it’s unique, it’s different. The first time we walked in, we said, “It’s similar to Meow Wolf.” It’s almost like walking into a museum, ”said Jonathan Ortiz of Southwest Elite Reality.

Realtors Jonathan Ortiz and Alexandria Oberbeck will be the first to say this home may not be for everyone, but they are already receiving serious interest.

“So we have someone right now who wants to buy it that way. Furniture and everything. They just love everything about it, ”said Oberbeck.

Griego said he plans to leave Albuquerque altogether, but parting with his creation won’t be easy.

“Am I sad? When I started thinking about it, I said, “You are lying to yourself. You’ll never sell it, ”he said.

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