Albuquerque Sunport sees heavy Thanksgiving visitors

“The strategy is to get to the airport early, be patient and just have fun. And you’ll be out of here in a couple of hours, ”said James Luan as he traveled to Los Angeles.

The Sunport projects will pass approximately 13,000 passengers a day during the Thanksgiving travel season, Wednesday through Sunday.

“Nationwide trends show that this will be the busiest travel time since the beginning of the pandemic. And here on site we expect the same. Balloon Fiesta was busy for us like every year. And I think this will be a direct comparison, ”said Stephanie Kitts Sunport’s Public Information Officer.

In 2020, during the same Thanksgiving holiday, the Sunport only carried about 4,000 passengers a day on average. Numbers an average of 17,000 before the pandemic.

But remember that there are also not as many flights as there were before the pandemic, the available seats are filling up.

“This is a difficult time for everyone in the industry. Both at the ticket counter at the checkpoint and at some concessions such as restaurants and the like, waiting times can be longer than expected, ”said Kitts.

To make your day of travel go more smoothly, plan ahead by making sure you only bring things that are TSA approved.

“We’re very excited to at least have the opportunity to go forward and travel and see our friends and family just to get out,” said Lujan.

And if you think it’s busy now, just wait until this weekend.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest day, followed by the Saturday and of course the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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