Albuquerque WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – Jim Wilson is celebrating his 100th birthday, and the WWII veteran says he hasn’t regretted much in those 100 years. Wilson was an Army paratrooper during the war.

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“The first jump is the easiest,” says Wilson. He was involved in the attack on Los Baños in the Philippines in 1945. He and his comrades rescued thousands of prisoners from a Japanese prison camp. Your help is considered to be one of the most successful rescue operations in modern military history.

Wilson has received a purple heart, bronze star, presidential ceremony, and many other awards. Earlier this week he received a birthday card in the mail from the youngest person they saved from Los Baños. “The youngest was a three-day-old baby who was carried in one of a paratrooper’s helmets,” said Pat Wilson, Jim’s wife.

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Wilson doesn’t talk much about his time in the military, but he admits he’s proud of his accomplishments. “I’ve never regretted that,” said Wilson.

His advice for the younger generation: work hard, be proud and drink a cold brew every now and then. “Have a shiner daily,” said Wilson.

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Wilson’s wife hosted a birthday party for him on Saturday night. Family and friends from all over the country came to celebrate.

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