Albuquerque WWII veteran celebrates 98th birthday in a particular approach

Claire thought a party with family and close friends wouldn’t be enough for Frank Frank.

“He’s been a great hero all my life,” she said. “I think someone who has been a vet for as long as he has served in two wars while still in the army in Vietnam should be celebrated by some other vets.”

Claire logged into the Nextdoor app and invited people to come to the party.

“People are just amazing to do all of this for a stranger,” she said.

Frank enrolled straight out of high school with no regrets.

“I enjoyed every minute of it … even the scary parts,” Frank said. “I am grateful for what I have done and for that I was born.”

Frank said he was overwhelmed and grateful for the participation.

“I’ve had the best life has to offer,” he said.

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