Bike stolen from charity rider in Albuquerque

Jimenez rides his bike everywhere – but his $ 5,000 Cannondale racing bike was stolen last weekend.

“And the moment I turn my back and it’s home on my property … boom, it’s gone,” said Jimenez. He had only gone in for a few minutes to take a call.

To make matters worse, he planned to start a charity drive for the Children’s Defense Fund next week.

“I’ll do it,” he said. “I just have to postpone it until I get a spare wheel.”

Despite the thousands of dollars he put into his bike, he said he wasn’t angry.

“My gut tells me it’ll show up sooner or later,” said Jimenez. “As we say in recovery, there is a force at play that took the thing, and the same force that it took – will bring it back.”

If you have information about the bike, you can contact Timo Jimenez at (312) 448-1655.

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