Buy of presidency constructing in Albuquerque accomplished

Patrick Montoya heads the community development department. He says they just paid the county $ 5.5 million for their town hall offices. The other half is being renovated.

“The money we used to do this came from DMD’s operating budget and was then reimbursed by the county,” said Montoya. “So we shared the cost of doing the renovations.”

The cost includes new exterior lighting on the east side of the building that changes color on certain occasions, as well as major security improvements.

“We hired a company to do a complete floor-to-floor security analysis,” said Montoya.

Now that the city officially owns the entire building, they can get to work.

“We hope to start the renovations as early as the end of October and then start the move in the first year,” said Montoya, not really putting everyone to sleep in one place, so you might have a working office here and a partial office there functioning office, and then when that transition takes place everyone will be updated. “

Montoya also said it was good to finally have everyone under one roof.

“When you have everyone in this building, it comes in handy to have the ability to react immediately,” he said.

The city hopes that these changes will increase efficiency for employees and society.

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