Calling Albuquerque Photographers: Metropolis needs your images of the subway area

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – The Albuquerque City Planning Bureau hopes to collect photographs of neighborhoods, streets, parks, commercial centers and other public spaces and include them in the city’s published materials. The content is requested from the Long Range team and an Instagram account has been created for community members to share and interact with.

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This Instagram account is managed by the Long Range Planning Team of the Albuquerque City Planning Department. You will work with the communities to plan for the future by developing guidelines, regulations, and recommendations for projects that reflect the vision of the community. Albuquerque Instagrammers, better known as @igersabq, will be on hand to provide advice on connecting local photographers to this initiative.

You’re looking for urban, semi-urban, and rural areas within Albuquerque’s city limits, streets and lanes, including street furniture and other street features found on public walkways, residential areas, commercial centers, parks and other public spaces, private properties with potential for redevelopment or reactivation as well Assets and opportunities in neighborhoods.

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According to the website, they host a recurring photo contest. During the third month of each 4-month Community Planning Area (CPA) assessment, Long Range staff will announce local photographers who have used the hashtag #cabqcpa and whose work has been selected for publication in the upcoming assessment report for each CPA. (See the schedule of CPA assessments here:

CPA staff will reach out to local photographers whose work has been selected for publication in an evaluation report. Selected photographers who sign a contract with the city to have their work featured in the evaluation report will receive a grant of US $ 100. The scholarships are funded from the CPA budget of the Long Range Planning Division.

Other helpful hashtags photographers can use include:

  • #NearHeightsABQ
  • #SWMesaABQ
  • #WestMesaABQ
  • #NWMesaABQ
  • #EastGatewayABQ
  • #MidHeightsABQ
  • #NearNorthValleyABQ
  • #FoothillsABQ
  • #ZentralABQ
  • # NordI25ABQ
  • #NordABQ
  • #CPANorthABQ
  • #MesadelSolABQ

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