CDC: Some New Mexico counties have “important” COVID-19 group transmission charges

The CDC said the areas where people should wear a mask, whether vaccinated or not, are places with significant or high transmission. It is believed that Eddy and Otero counties have high community transmission rates and Bernalillo and Sandoval counties have significant community transmission rates.

“Nobody wants to go back, we were so excited to come out and get closer to normal, but going back to masking is a challenge,” said Mark Epstien, CEO of True Health New Mexico.

In the latest studies, the CDC said the Delta variant is now the most common strain of the coronavirus – all 8 out of 10 reported cases.

“The difference between the Delta variant and the Alfa variant is that on the rare occasions when we break through infections, we want to make it clear to people that they can pass the virus on to others,” said Walensky.

While the vast majority of transmissions are between unvaccinated people, new evidence shows that it is possible to spread the Delta variant as a vaccinated person, and that means masks could make a comeback.

The CDC’s guidelines are just a recommendation, leaving it up to state and local officials to decide whether to reintroduce their masking rules.

The New Mexico Department of Health announced it would hold a press conference on Wednesday, July 27, to discuss these new results.

The CDC’s interactive broadcast map shows each county and its category. Click here to view it.

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