Drought situations in New Mexico proceed to enhance

Less than half of 1% of the state is currently in exceptional drought, the worst category.

Two weeks ago the extreme southwest corner of the state broke out of this category, last week the extreme northwest did the same.

That leaves only a small portion of southeastern Sandoval Counties and southwestern Santa Fe Counties, which are still affected by exceptional drought.

Just over three months ago, more than 52% of the state was in the highest category.

13% of the state is even in a non-drought classification, mainly northeast, eastern and southern central areas.

“It’s been a great year given all the conditions we had,” said Carolyn Donnelly, Water Operations Supervisor for the Albuquerque Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation.

However, many western and central New Mexico are still in the d2 and d3 drought, the middle 2 categories. What will help these areas start to erode?

“I think the short answer is we need a really good winter,” said Donnelly.

Another good news is that a wave of tropical moisture is about to move in in New Mexico … and that will really increase the chance of rain in much of the state by the end of the week. Heavy rains can also be expected in some of these areas.

However, it’s also important to keep this in mind.

“People should know that it’s still a drought and one year of good rain or a good snow cover won’t solve the drought, it’s long term,” said Donnelly.

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