Dürrewache: The water authority is reminding the general public of restrictions and fines in Albuquerque

He said the water board uses water from the San Juan-Chama project, which supplies water from southern Colorado.

“In times of drought, the availability of this water can be limited for various reasons and we essentially don’t need to use it anymore. When we do, we have to use our aquifers. There we turn to the aquifer to make up for what we do Can’t get from the river, “said Morris.

He said the community uses an average of 30 billion gallons of water each year. In a year without a drought, 70% of the surface water comes from the San Juan Chama Project. 30% is groundwater from the aquifer.

When there is a drought, however, these percentages exchange. 30% comes from the project water supply and 70% from groundwater.

“A year will not break us, but over many years we can begin to deplete this resource. So we must be careful now that we do not find ourselves in a crisis situation in a decade.” from now on, “said Morris.

The water authority has a daily irrigation restriction from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. A person who wastes water can pay anywhere from $ 40 to $ 500 for the first infraction. The maximum fine under the drought guard is $ 2,000.

Warnings can also be issued before a violation.

Morris said removing or reducing lawns can help save water, and switching to a highly efficient washing machine can help reduce wastewater.

There are also discounts for anyone looking to save water or take a virtual workshop.

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