Eating places are struggling to search out devoted staff weeks after NM reopened

“There’s just no one to hire,” said Carol Wight, CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association. “We thought we were going to get out of the pandemic and just be fab, and instead restaurants are fighting.”

Wight said the third restaurant closings in November really hurt, and she claimed it caused many workers to leave the industry or the state for good. “You expect restaurant experience, and now you won’t get it,” he said.

New Mexico is in its second week of the state incentive to offer people up to $ 1,000 to get a job.

Mario’s Pizza co-owner Eddy Burgarello said he saw no difference but saw interesting news in an application.

“He filled out an application and he gave there (under) a reason for being hired here, which I need for my unemployment,” he said.

Loyal customers have helped Mario’s do well financially, but it’s the lack of workers that holds them back.

“Now that the dining rooms are open, we can’t get waiters and cooks and other employees. It’s very difficult, “said Burgarello.

When Burgarello heard the growing criticism that restaurants are not paying their workers enough, he said with tips that his employees are doing pretty well.

“My employees earn from $ 20 an hour,” he said.

Unemployment benefits are to be reduced from September 15th.

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