Eight-year-old Albuquerque lady turns into a printed writer along with her first e book

“It inspired me because it was close to a bear,” said Ashley of the first of many drawings she made. “I had a lot of paper and paint … I thought in my head, write a book.”

The story of Sarah the bear cub, who stayed up her first winter, was born from Ashley’s drawings. Ashley’s mother, Alicia Torres, helped put Ashley’s ideas together and worked with her to produce the story.

“I just want her to know that she can do anything that comes on her mind,” Alicia said.

Ashley expressed an interest in sharing the book with other children, so Alicia encouraged her daughter to get it published.

“In your opinion, we could probably make copies on paper, but I think no, we can actually get your book published. She says, ‘Really?’ and I say ‘yes’, “Alicia recalled.

Now “The Bear and Winter” is out and can be found on Amazon and Apple Books as well as on Barnes and Noble and Target.

Ashley hopes this book will be the first of more in the future.

“I had this idea where Sarah meets friends in the spring,” said Ashley.

In the future, Ashley hopes to produce more books – including a book about Sarah meeting friends in the spring – and becoming a zookeeper when she grows up.

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