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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – After two people were arrested for breaking into a dead person’s home in the Embudo Towers, the Albuquerque Housing Commissioner said Monday that no AHA worker was involved and that she was “confident our staff is the right thing have done”.

Linda Bridge, executive director of the AHA, which operates the Northeast Heights public housing complex, said, “We’re glad the family has answers and we’re excited to be working with the Albuquerque Police Department in their investigation.”

On Friday, Lorraine Brazil, 54, who lived in the hallway of the deceased’s apartment, and a man who had been identified by police as her boyfriend Wesley Sinquah, 37, were arrested. He was also charged with drug possession. An arrest warrant was issued on Monday against a third man who was wanted, said the APD burglar. Belinda Mock.

BRAZIL: Lives down the hallway from Brugger’s apartment

SINQUAH: Also charged with drug possession

SINQUAH: Also charged with drug possession

Bridge wouldn’t say whether Brazil would be removed from the public housing complex, but she noted that “if a tenant is involved in a significant lease violation that would involve crimes against other residents, the housing authority would have a reason to evict to pursue “. Proceedings in court – regularly. “

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Jeffry Brugger, 71, was found dead on September 4 after neighbors reported a bad smell from his apartment in Embudo Towers. Medical investigators said Brugger died of a heart attack and had been dead for five or six days.

A biohazard cleaning team has been called in to disinfect the apartment. Brugger’s relatives later discovered the home had been ransacked and more than $ 47,000 worth of jewelry and watches and other household items were taken away. Brugger’s pickup was also missing from the parking lot.

Brugger’s brother and sister-in-law, Bob and Bonnie Brugger, said it appeared “an inside job” as there was no evidence of forced entry. They also criticized the AHA for not changing the door locks immediately.

On early September 25th, Brugger’s truck was recovered by a Bosque Farms police officer who arrested the driver, 41-year-old Kenneth Montoya from Los Lunas.

Meanwhile, a computer specialist from AHA and Mock from APD spent several days checking security videos recorded by cameras in the parking lot and inside the building, including one in the ceiling right outside the door of the Brugger apartment. The arrest warrants and arrests of the alleged intruders were based on these images.

Mock said the three entered the second floor apartment through an unlocked rear balcony door and exited through Brugger’s front door, carrying items down the hall to Brazil’s apartment. The third, unidentified burglar can be seen in security videos driving away in Brugger’s truck.

Five Tiffany lamps, a convection oven, a large-screen TV, and Southwestern art, all of which belonged to Brugger, were salvaged from the Brazilian apartment. Only one stolen watch was found.

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