Evaluate of vaccine standing on the New Mexico State Honest

“We’re training a small group of people to understand what a vaccination card is and what the vaccinations are,” said Dan Mourning, general manager of Expo New Mexico.

However, some people said online that they would take a photo of someone else’s vaccination card to get inside. Nonetheless, those responsible for the fair stick to the honor system.

In a statement, a spokesman said:

“We have relied on the honesty and trustworthiness of those attending the 2021 New Mexico State Fair, and will continue to do so for the validity of vaccination documents presented at the show. It is unfortunate that there is a small group.” by anyone who is believed to be jeopardizing the health and safety of our community for their own benefit. As we have assured since the beginning of the show, it is impossible for New Mexico State Fair staff to verify the identification of anyone who who enter the gates, many of whom do not have access to ID. We want to assure you that there are legal ramifications for anyone who willfully violate the public health order by submitting fraudulent documents in order to gain entry to the 2021 New Mexico State Fair. “

The organizers hope that the trade fair visitors will truthfully state their vaccination status. The state fair runs until Sunday, September 19.

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