Firm plans $ 1 million enlargement as leisure marijuana in NM. turns into authorized

“We’re growing across the board in every department of our operation,” said Sarah McChesney.

While other industries are struggling to hire employees, McChesney said people are eager to get into the marijuana field.

“We have people contacting us all the time looking for vacancies so it’s great to see,” she said.

The Verdes Foundation plans to add a storefront in Santa Fe.

“We have a lot of people who are actually from Santa Fe, so that’s one of the interesting things for us,” said McChesney.

The sticking point they are facing right now is how much they can expand. A current draft plan states that the maximum number of plants would be up to 4,500.

The Verdes Foundation wants the number to be higher as it focuses on the canopy space.

The state must enact recreational marijuana rules by September 1.

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