First Woman Jill Biden visits Albuquerque

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – First Lady Dr. Jill Biden stopped over in Albuquerque on Wednesday April 21st. She met with Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and attended the First Choice Community Healthcare facility in the South Valley.

The facility is a non-profit, state-qualified health center that has administered COVID-19 vaccinations. A White House spokeswoman said she wanted to highlight the critical work of the COVID-19 vaccination centers and the government’s efforts to ensure that all Americans can be vaccinated.

Dr. Biden gave words of encouragement to the patients who were vaccinated at the center and thanked them for coming. Governor Lujan Grisham distributed stickers to those who received their first dose, thanking them for keeping the community safe. “Let’s keep working together,” said Biden.

During the visit, Dr. Will Kaufman, Medical Director of First Choice Community Healthcare, also spoke about the organization’s efforts to vaccinate the community. “We are really very grateful to the patients and our teams. It’s been a long year and people are tired, but people are hopeful, ”said Dr. Kaufman.

The organization has made an effort to encourage community members to sign up for vaccinations. Governor Lujan Grisham said the medical center is a great example of why New Mexico is vaccinating many communities. “They are the linchpin in our share planning. This is one of the reasons New Mexico leads the way in diversity and equity investing that ensures that all minority communities are vaccinated. It is guidance as you see it here in this clinic, ”said Lujan Grisham.

Among those vaccinated was Atrisco Heritage senior Jocelyn Galvez, who was vaccinated with her mother. She said when she first signed up she had no idea that Dr. Biden would visit that day but was glad to have the chance of such a memorable first dose administration. “I felt really recognized, mostly because we’re barely noticed in New Mexico. So it was intense for the first lady to get the vaccination that I got my vaccine, but appreciatively,” Galvez said.

The 18-year-old said she was proud of new Mexicans who tried to protect their residents. “It just shows how passionate we are about helping others and taking care of the people around us and even ourselves,” Galvez said.

After her visit to Albuquerque, the First Lady went to Window Rock, Arizona to meet the First Lady of the Navajo Nation. The nation’s second gentleman visited the state a few weeks ago. During his stay here, SGOTUS spoke to Doug Emhoff about how the American rescue plan will benefit New Mexico. He also toured a COVID-19 vaccination center at the Santo Domingo Health Center in Kewa Pueblo.

Updates from @AnnaPadillaNews

2:46 pm – The visit of First Lady Dr. Biden and Governor Lujan Grisham has ended.

2:39 pm – “Let’s keep working together.” First Lady Jill Biden

2:32 pm – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and First Lady Jill Biden thank the vaccine recipients for the vaccination.

2:26 pm – Dr. Biden assures a patient waiting to receive his vaccine that it will not harm @krqe

Dr. Biden reassures a patient waiting to get his vaccine that it won’t hurt. April 21, 2021 (Anna Padilla | KRQE Digital Reporter)

1:59 p.m. – At the First Choice Community Healthcare Center in the South Valley, wait for @FLOTUS to arrive and tour the facility.

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