Frequent drive-by shootings in southwest Albuquerque are forcing neighbors out

“We are very tired, we cannot sleep at night. When we wake up from the shootings, we can no longer fall asleep because we wonder if they will come back,” said a neighbor. “

This is the current reality for some neighbors who live in a neighborhood in southwest Albuquerque.

“It was very scary, we stayed here and there, somehow avoided being at home because we didn’t feel safe.”

This woman has three young girls, she lives next to a house that the shooters have targeted in five recent shootings.

“The night is coming and I get scared because I really don’t know what’s going to happen. Especially when my girls wake up here and then when mom screams because they’re all so scared. And there is only so much I can do. “

Her house has three bullet holes and her neighbor’s house has dozens.

“I’m grateful that nothing happened, but it just becomes very dangerous and it just happens so often.”

The family who live in the targeted house say they plan to move – and their neighbors could move too.

“I didn’t sleep in the two weeks that this happened. I stayed up and tried to watch the cameras.”

Your cameras made what they say look like the same car on two different nights.

“One of us is going to lose a life sooner or later, you know, because it happens all the time.”

KOB 4 reached out to Albuquerque Police Department for an update on their investigation into these shootings, a representative said:

“Our detectives are spending more resources investigating the shootings in this neighborhood. We hope to get more information to prevent what is driving these shootings and putting people at risk. “

Neighbors say they don’t want to leave the places they have called home for years.

“Moving is heartbreaking. It really is.”

“This neighborhood was very peaceful, we felt very comfortable here the entire time, until the last month or a few weeks.”

And hope that this violence will stop.

“We miss being at home, we love our home and just hope that something will be done.”

Neighbors say they plan to release any surveillance camera footage they have collected over the past two weeks if investigators request it.

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