Girl visits Albuquerque pissed off after automobile break-in

But the thieves didn’t stop at the door, they also broke your license plate cover when they tried to steal the tags. Clark is discouraged by the vandalism at the sight of her disheveled plate marked “Disabled Veteran”.

“You are serving your country and you are going back to a place within the country that you serve with no respect, it’s heartbreaking,” said Clark.

But their problems didn’t end in the parking lot. Clark only had more problems when she tried to report the break-in to the police.

“Oh, my god, they kept repeating the whole process: ‘Don’t hang up, don’t hang up,'” Clark sighed in frustration as she explained the call. “I’m trying to reach the police for 40 minutes, on hold, I called my husband, he called the hotel, they were of no help, they said there is nothing we can do for you. It was a total fiasco. ”

She wondered if there were any police in town at all.

“We’ve been here for 72 hours, haven’t seen a cop and that’s kind of strange for a big city where you can see at least one go by or something.”

She even tried calling the mayor to express her frustration.

“Did you know that you cannot contact your mayor through the mayor’s office? So I called and they kept saying this was the mayor’s office, but I couldn’t even leave a message or speak to anyone, ”said Clark.

As Clark mourns her lost cousin, she said that experience of our crime crisis made her even more concerned about the family she is leaving in Albuquerque.

“My heart is broken for all of my cousins ​​who live here, I want to take them to Colorado with me,” said Clark.

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