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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Check-in queues at HoldMyTicket-processed venues are getting shorter and shorter.

The event planning and management firm in Albuquerque has revamped their processing system to make check-in and control of the venue smoother and faster. The entire upgrade has been incorporated into a new app released this month to automatically update the process for all event managers using HoldMyTicket services.

Joe Anderson, owner of the Sunshine Theater and LaunchPad, said the new system has cut waiting times at its downtown venues by two-thirds.

“In the past it could sometimes take an hour to get everyone to the door, but with the new app it’s maybe a third of that,” said Anderson. “The previous system was good, but this one is much faster.”

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That’s because the new app installs the software directly on the hard drive of all mobile devices and other devices connected to the system. If the online network is slow or fails, the system embedded in the hardware will continue to function at full speed, said Wes Edling, CEO of HoldMyTicket.

“The event database is available on the device itself through the app to continue running,” said Edling. “If there is no network or a bad network, the system is still working so you don’t have to stop anything. You can still validate tickets and move the line. “

This is crucial for venues like the Sunshine Theater, which sometimes has three bands performing in one event.

“Getting visitors inside as soon as possible is imperative,” said Anderson. “People don’t like to wait in line and we have a schedule so everyone can see all the files.”

The upgrade also makes it easier for HoldMyTicket to add new features or customize services for event managers by integrating customer websites and mobile apps into a single code. Previously they were separate, which meant that functions for both systems were uploaded twice.

“With the new version, it’s a two-platform code,” said Edling. “Whatever you do on one happens automatically on the other.”

This makes it easier to manage larger venues, which could make HoldMyTicket more competitive against larger players like Ticket Master, said Eric Griego, vice president of business development.

The company has focused on medium-sized venues since its inception in 2007. It has grown rapidly, with sales of approximately $ 3 million in 2012 and sales of $ 7.5 million last year.

The company employs 10 people in an area of ​​4,000 square meters in the Sunshine Building. The company has more than 700 event management customers in New Mexico and 47 other states.

The New Mexico Wine Association recently switched to HoldMyTicket for all of their festivals, said Dean Strober, association events director and owner of Blue River Productions.

“We used other platforms, but they personalize all of the service – you can call someone if you need to – and they provide all of the equipment and customize it to suit our needs,” said Strober. “Your platform really works.”

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