House journey might strengthen future NM tourism

“Events like this remind people that things fly here in New Mexico. We have to go to the Balloon Fiesta and enjoy that awe of something that is unique to the Land of Enchantment, just as Virgin Galactic is unique, ”said Garrity.

The Zia symbol was also etched into the side of the rocket, and Garrity said this was a very smart move when it comes to marketing.

“Whenever you have brands or images associated with the state, be it the infamous Zia symbol, from the Zia Pueblo to our signature blue sky, we now have an additional item, that of the Virgin flying over New Galactic ship is added to Mexico, ”he said.

The real New Mexico logo prominently displayed on the live stream is exactly the calling card companies are looking for.

“There are many advantages to New Mexico, there are the national laboratories, there are a number of research universities with over $ 6 billion in research and development, and there is infrastructure,” Garrity said.

“What this safe start and safe landing for companies moving here is saying is that they really provide many reasons people should do business in New Mexico.”

Space added to the list of things New Mexico is known for.

“We have hot air balloons, we have green chillies, now we have Virgin Galactic, these are just some of the images people will associate with New Mexico, and they are all good,” Garrity said.

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