How will the Colorado River water shortage have an effect on New Mexico?

What does water scarcity mean for New Mexico and other western states?

“In the short term, that is, the next few years, this deficiency declaration on the Colorado River does not really affect New Mexico,” said Fleck. “Our Colorado River water supplies come from the upper part of the Colorado River Basin, which is managed a little differently.”

In New Mexico there is a constant lack of water, depending on the snowfall in the mountains.

“We had a shortage in New Mexico this year,” said Fleck. “As part of the Colorado River, we obtain water from the so-called San Juan Chama project, which transports water for us here in Albuquerque in tunnels under the continental divide. We only got about 60% allotment this year. Nature imposed this deficiency, “not the government.”

In areas like Albuquerque there are reserves like groundwater. Water researchers said the most important thing for New Mexicans in the long run is to develop a plan for our part of the Colorado River Basin. At the moment there is none.

“There is a lot of debate among the states we share this part of the basin with – Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico – about what that might look like,” said Fleck. “And those are tough discussions, aren’t they? Because nobody wants to do without water, how we need as much as we can get less right? Nobody wants to go first. “

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