In accordance with the Mayor of Albuquerque, 51% of these eligible are totally vaccinated towards COVID-19

“Our unofficial census got us about 51% fully vaccinated in the Albuquerque metropolitan area,” he said.

The city is using a mobile vaccination station to provide vaccines to more people.

This week it will be set up at the John Marshall Health Center. People can show up without an appointment and there is no vaccine cost.

“We want to emphasize that it is getting easier and easier,” said Keller. “Now in this example, you can just pull up. That’s all you have to do.”

Keller also works with the New Mexico Dream Team to help families affected by COVID by connecting them with funding.

“These include eviction prevention, utility payment assistance, meals, grocery stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, ACA, childcare and childcare assistance,” said Eduardo Esquivel-Gonzalez, co-director of the New Mexico Dream Team.

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