Labor Day Weekend Wine Pageant Kickoff Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico Wine is renaming its Labor Day weekend wine festivals and revamping the Albuquerque event.

Harvest Wine Festivals are held in Albuquerque and Las Cruces from Saturday September 2nd to Monday September 4th. The Las Cruces event will continue its traditional character and the Albuquerque Festival will be much more shady.

“We listened to comments from past events about what people liked and didn’t like,” said Chris Goblet, executive director of New Mexico Wine. “This year there will be over 36,000 square meters of tent space with shade and three huge big top tents. One of the things we really wanted to focus on was having a comfortable experience where people could … relax and enjoy. We just wanted to camp the entire site so it would be cool, shady and comfortable everywhere. I think one of the biggest changes in the atmosphere is that it will feel like a very different event than anything we’ve done in New Mexico before. “

The event in Albuquerque will also have a different ambience thanks to this year’s entertainment program.

“We wanted to have a more intimate experience, a little more cultural and interesting, we moved away from the big main stage with the big party dance band and went to atmospheric music, so it’s jazz trios, it’s Bluegrass Americana Duet. So it’s less about the big party and the dance, but more about this musical atmosphere, so two stages in Albuquerque and 15 bands. “

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Las Cruces will not have the big tent and big tent event type, but will continue its traditional format of wine and live entertainment with some changes to the layout.

“There’s a lot more outdoor shade, tree and landscaping at the Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds,” said Goblet. “We rearranged the layout there so that the stage is in the middle of the festival. It’s like a huge circle. “

Twenty wineries from across the state will participate in both events. Participants will receive a souvenir glass and can try and buy a glass of wine or bottles from vendors.

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