Man seen combating with kids in Albuquerque Park, allowed out of jail earlier than the trial

The state ordered a judge to be held pending trial.

“Two children ended up in the hospital. The first thing we saw, the first thing we saw, was this man walking up to them,” said the prosecutor. “You didn’t come up to him. You stayed there. Then the next thing we saw was his hand on a 14-year-old’s throat.”

According to court records, there was an oral argument prior to the start of the fight.

Layton’s attorney said his client was also injured during the confrontation.

“My client has been brutally assaulted. He’s wearing a sling at MDC right now because, based on information, he has a torn rotator cuff and a broken shoulder from these kids whipping around on him. I don’t know what a child is like under the age of 18 can buy a taser, “said the lawyer.

Layton has no criminal history in New Mexico, so the judge allowed his release.

“Absolutely nothing was presented to me that he cannot comply with,” said the judge.

Layton is banned from entering the park and must undergo an anger management consultation.

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