Marriage ceremony venues are opening up in NM, however future earnings appears to be like shaky

“We host weddings, quinceaneras, we host birthday parties and memorials for funerals, lunches and business meetings, that’s a wide range of what we do,” Landavazo said.

For the past 15 months, the wedding planning service has had little business due to COVID restrictions.

“It came to a complete standstill, we were notified by the state on March 11th. We were told that we would immediately stop all large gatherings,” Landavazo said.

When New Mexico got the turquoise light to reopen, the event center faced a different problem.

“It put us in a difficult position, we gave up inventory, appointments are basically our inventory, and we passed it on to existing customers so there is no new revenue,” said Landavazo. “Just because we’ve opened up doesn’t mean there’s income.”

The event center can book a small event during the week, but there is no guarantee.

“I had actually planned a wedding for today and they canceled it about two weeks ago just because they couldn’t get everything together in time and that’s a lot of what we see, you don’t have to rebook so that this day is lost is, ”said Landavazo.

This means the center may not have any income for years.

“I spend a lot of time saying, ‘Gosh, it’s going to be two years and more years before we recover, I’ve lost two years of business,’ it’s hard to imagine,” Landavazo said. “That’s it, so I don’t, I just stay focused and do whatever I have to do.”

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