May New Mexico Companies See COVID-19 Restrictions Return?

“If everyone indoors is wearing masks and companies are working with us, and most of them – thank you, companies – and our vaccine policies are working, we will see a surge in vaccines,” said the governor. “We even see in healthcare that 50% of people who would not get vaccinated have already started vaccines. So it works. Businesses should realize that these tough decisions were aimed at protecting businesses in the state. “

However, the governor said all options are still on the table as the Delta variant continues to spread across the state.

Kai Porter: You said everything is still on the table. Would that be the last resort for you? Is the last thing you want to do is bring constraints back?

Governor Lujan Grisham: Like extra last. Last and then something, something, something. And that is the reason – more than the economy, more than the uncertainty for the economy, we want people to trust. I also. Now that we have tools, they have the science behind that belief that we can get to a normalcy, and when you have to use those tools, these extreme tools, we minimize people’s confidence that we are actually using science for control can this pandemic.

Last week, the governor called for COVID-19 vaccines for all workers in certain close-contact medical facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. School teachers and staff in the state are also required to get vaccinated, but can also get regular tests if they don’t get the vaccine.

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