Mayor Tim Keller is increasing free wi-fi Web entry throughout town – Albuquerque

December 21, 2020

The City of Albuquerque announces the expansion of Free Residential WiFi with WiFi in neighborhoods and WiFi in parks, outdoor internet connections in the Albuquerque Housing Authority neighborhoods, and select public parks in areas with particular digital needs.

“High-speed WiFi is no longer just a luxury. It’s a basic need, ”said Mayor Tim Keller. “As education, health services, and social connections go online, we continue to seek innovative ways to enable internet access.”

The Albuquerque Housing Authority’s Barelas Senior Apartments have been a successful pilot for the neighborhood expansion, with an increase of at least 80 percent since their installation.

WiFi in neighborhood locations was decided based on a gap analysis in collaboration with AHA and Albuquerque Public Schools and a request from Councilor Cynthia D. Borrego to move ahead with the installation of the Ventana Ranch location.

The current areas with access to free outdoor internet access are:

  • Social housing in Barelas 701 5th St. SW
  • Social housing at Copper 9109 Copper NE
  • Social housing at 124 Pennsylvania St SE
  • Barelas Park
  • East San Jose Park
  • Wilson pool and park
  • Ventana Ranch Park
  • Locations previously announced at

The following locations to be implemented by December 31, 2020 include:

  • Public housing at 415 Fruit Ave NE
  • Social Housing at 140 General Bradley St NE
  • Social housing at 120 La Plata Rd NW
  • Social housing at 608 Grove St SE
  • Social housing at 6100 Harper Dr. NE

“Our goal is to continue to remove the barriers resulting from the lack of internet access,” said Brian Osterloh, director of technology and innovation. “We’re finding innovative ways to build on what we started with WiFi on Wheels by leveraging the infrastructure that is already available, as well as various technologies to improve digital integration.”

Two types of technologies are used depending on the location. In areas in close proximity to city buildings, line-of-sight devices will be linked to extend the range of the original WiFi signal to larger areas. LTE gateway devices are installed at other locations to provide a static WiFi hotspot.

“This Internet access is another way we can help our residents,” said Linda Bridge, executive director of the Albuquerque Housing Authority. “It’s important that our residents are able to stay connected for education, community involvement, doctor visits, health-related updates, and other critical services.”

As part of the partnership with the Albuquerque Housing Authority, the city will provide the original WiFi, maintenance and equipment installation. AHA will provide the locations for equipment placement and operating costs for that equipment. The city cost for the Barelas pilot site is approximately $ 30,000 for hardware and installation funded by the CARES Act.

The expansion of free Internet access began earlier this year with WiFi on Wheels – a partnership with APS to provide mobile hotspots across Albuquerque – as well as the expansion of WiFi outside of the city’s facilities.

At you will find all city-free WiFi locations outdoors

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