Metropolis of Albuquerque 30-day public remark interval for draft 2021 Motion Plan, funded by the US Division of Housing and City Growth (HUD)

The action plan serves as a grant application from the COA to the HUD. This document contains specific activities that must be undertaken with CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funds, HOME (HOME Investment Partnerships) funds, ESG (Emergency Solutions Grant) funds from HUD, and other local funds in order to consolidate the strategies of the Plans to fund during the program year begin July 1, 2021 and end June 30, 2022. HUD funding includes CDBG funding of $ 4,510,222.00. CDBG program income of $ 115,000.00; $ 462,159.18 of CDBG funding for the previous year; HOME funding of $ 2,045,118.00; HOME Program income of $ 300,000.00; $ 1,799,172.74 of HOME Funding for the previous year; $ 125,000.00 from HOME Match; ESG funding of $ 388,357.00; $ 44,459.92 of the ESG for the previous year; and $ 432,816.92 from ESG Match. The Action Plan will also include General Funds (GF) of $ 3,050,286.00 and Workforce Housing Trust Funds (WHTF) of $ 3,401,335.00.

The draft Action Plan 2021 contains proposals for funding the following projects:

COA Administration Funding: CDBG $ 902,044.40, HOME $ 204,511.80

The funds will be used for administrative costs to support the implementation of the COA’s 2021 Action Plan.

CHDO Operating – Financing: HOME 100,000.00 USD

A Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) receives funds to support the operating costs incurred in implementing the housing activities. The CHDO receiving funding is: Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership.

Homeless Intervention and Rapid Reintegration – Funding: ESG $ 388,357.00, ESG Prior year $ 44,459.92, ESG Match $ 432,816.92, GF $ 2,821,706.00

Projects in this category will provide services to people with homelessness by providing emergency shelter, temporary accommodation and permanent supportive housing. The funds will also be used for administrative costs to support the implementation of these services for the 2021 Action Plan.

Affordable Home Ownership Support – Financing: CDBG $ 1,000,000.00, HOME-previous year $ 200,000.00

Homewise and Sawmill Community Land Trust are raising funds to help low-to-middle-income homebuyers purchase an affordable home. Homewise – $ 1,000,000.00 CDBG Fund; Sawmill Community Land Trust – $ 200,000.00 last year HOME Fund.

Affordable Home Insurance – Home Ownership – Financing: CDBG $ 100,000.00

The city will allocate $ 100,000 to Prosperity Works to fund a household rehabilitation program that will provide energy efficiency improvements to low-income families to meet local climate goals, improve air quality and residents’ health, and reduce energy pollution for some City dwellers decrease the most vulnerable families.

TBRA Funding: Home $ 411,372.55, HOME Match $ 125,000.00

Enlace receives funding for a tenant-based rental support project. With these funds, certain population groups are served with high priority.

Homeless Dental Funding: CDBG $ 229,760.00, GF $ 67,400.00

Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless provides a full range of dental services to low- and middle-income medical needs in the city of Albuquerque who are homeless by these means.

Emergency Motel Coupons – Funding: CDBG $ 169,086.00, GF $ 56,180.00

Four agencies receive funding to provide emergency motel vouchers to homeless people and families, people with medical and / or mental illnesses, women and women with children. Funding is available from the following agencies: Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless – $ 101,571.00; Hopeworks – $ 50,000.00; Barrett House – $ 17,011.00; and First Nations – $ 56,684.00.

Senior Meals Funding: CDBG $ 4,300.00, CDBG Program Income $ 115,000

Funding is granted to the Department of Senior Affairs to cover program costs for providing congregational meals to low-income seniors.

Early Childhood Care Funding: CDBG $ 35,838.00, GF $ 20,000.00

With this funding, Cuidando Los Ninos will provide child development services and case management services to homeless children and their families.

Tenant / Landlord Hotline Funding: GF $ 75,000.00

Legal Aid of New Mexico receives funding to provide landlord-tenant helpline services to help landlords and tenants resolve legal housing-related issues.

Fair Housing Education / Training Funding: GF $ 10,000.00

The city will manage activities that provide housing service providers and members of the public with fair education and training in housing construction.

Barelas Park Improvements – Funding: CDBG $ 1,350,000.00

Funds are made available to the park department for the improvement / renovation of Barelas Park.

Hopeworks Renovation Funding: CDBG $ 719,193.60, CDBG funding from previous years $ 462,159.18

Hopeworks will provide funding to improve / renovate the Hopeworks Day Shelter campus.

Affordable Housing Development – Rentals – Financing: HOME $ 1,329,233.65, HOME Prior Years $ 1,599,172.74, HOME Program Income $ 300,000.00

Funds are being made available for the development of a senior rental housing project in Lot 3, Wing C-1 of the Cibola Loop NW.

Affordable Housing Development Rent / Home Ownership Financing: WHTF $ 3,401,335.00

Projects funded under this category are provided to develop affordable housing units for low and middle income households, either through development or acquisition and rehabilitation.

All Albuquerque residents, owners, people with disabilities, immigrants, seniors, low-income people, children and youth, homeless and other stakeholders are invited to review the draft plan and comment on it in writing by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Comments can be submitted to: [email protected] or Department of Family and Community Services, Department of Community Development, Attn: Monica Montoya, PO Box 1293, Albuquerque, NM 87103. Upon receiving public comments beyond the 30-day public comment period, the City of Albuquerque will post any comment in The Draft Action Plan as well final submissions to the HUD will be sent to the Family and Community Services Department of the City of Albuquerque under the Publications heading at:

For more information please send an email [email protected].

Albuquerque Journal: March 14, 2021

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